2010 VW Polo actually looks good, surprises everyone

I first caught a pic of the new Polo over at iMod, but after doing a bit more sniffing, the newest iteration of vee dub’s road impala is actually looking pretty impressive so far.

If the new VW ad is to be believed, then the 2010 VW Polo is quite a stunner. Polos have always held an odd place in my automotive opinion – they were nice, but not quite nice enough to like. The drive was pretty decent, the turning circle abyssal and they were usually comfortable. But I just couldn’t ever get myself to even consider buying one. Until now.

The new polo is carrying lots of lines from the Golf 6, which is not a bad thing and I’m keen to take one for a test drive to see what the engine bay holds in store. Personally, I hope it’s nothing like the last one which was always the car you bought because you had to, for fuel reasons or mileage reason or something, but never because you wanted to.

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