The Jungle Book

3 Versions of The Jungle Book Song – Tune Of The Week

It’s Thursday, which means two things: 1) Yesterday was Wednesday. 2) Tomorrow is Friday. It also means it’s time for this week’s edition of Tune Of The Week.

This week’s tune is The Monkey Song from The Jungle Book. Well, technnically it’s three versions of the Monkey song. I’ve always loved the Jungle Book, both the book by Kipling and the original animated movie. One of the things I especially loved about the movie was the music.

The Monkey Song (which most people just call the Jungle Book Song) is a fun little number that’s even more fun when it gets messed with.

The Jungle Book Song

The Original
I can’t watch this and not think back to the first time I saw this as a little boy. I think it was at the public library on one of those TVs on wheels numbers when you had to sit on the floor to watch. Good times

The Krushed and Sorted Jungle Remix
I used to hear this at parties back in CPT whenever Fletcher or Roach or any of the boys from African Dope would spin. Still love it.

The James Copeland Remix
This is the latest remox (at the time of writing) and the one I like the most. I heard it when James Copeland mixed a set for the Ultimix on 5FM and it stuck with me.

Which Jungle Book remix do you like best?

The Jungle Book

Drum and Bass Remix

I’ve labelled this one as a bonus because I have no idea who to attribute it to, so I almost left it off the list, but at the last second I decided to add it on. This is the remix I’m most likely to get a speeding ticket to.

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