Web Design naming convention

8 Commandments For File Naming

These are some easy to follow file name best practices. Following some sort of structure makes my filing system infinitely more intuitive to use.

  1. Use No spaces in file names
  2. Use underscores or hyphens for adding spaces between words. When you choose a method, be consistent
  3. Use short file names that have meaning – file1.htm won’t help you when you edit in 6 months, but gallery.htm will
  4. Always use lowercase, but camelCase is also acceptable – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CamelCase
  5. All file names must end in dot three letter extension – .jpg, .text (except .js, .html and other exceptions)
  6. Alphanumeric characters only
  7. No f#$%ing special characters. If you need to use % – write it out – percent
  8. Only use one file naming convention within a single site – use .htm or .html, not both

Make it simple, make it consistent, make it meaningful

Web Design naming convention

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