Apple removes logo from Macbook Pro to boost sale of Macbook covers

Apple computers today revealed that they will be removing the iconic logo from the front of their devices, making them virtually indistinguishable from other laptops. This bold move comes hot on the heels of the announcement that all Apple Macbook covers will from now on have the logo instead. The cover, named the iDoInFactHaveAMac, will retail for “a magical $199” according the latest product release. Apple has also filed a legal motion preventing any other companies from producing covers for it’s top selling computer, effectively cornering this market.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, had the following to say during the product release keynote speech:

“For the last 10 years we’ve been working around the clock on the technology to add that shiny, glowy logo to a case and make it go “woomp woomp” in the coolest way possible. With the iDoInFactHaveAMac, the dream is finally here, so now we can take the logo off the machine and put it on the case instead. This is bigger than open heart surgery for us. It’s magical”

Apple denies rumours that the move comes as a way to make hipsters everywhere spend money on covers in order to show the rest of the world that they are, in fact, using a Mac. When asked for their stance on the issue, TooTight Hat, a sometimes professional photographer and leader of the Cigarette Pants union called the move ‘blatant extortion’ and a form of ‘psychological terrorism’.

“Look,” he said puffing frantically on a Gaulois “they [Apple] are fully aware of our condition – we have a deep-seated need for other people to know that we’re using the coolest stuff. If they take away our right to be so obviously superior – actually, I don’t want to think about it. They know we’ll buy the new covers with the logo, no matter the cost. We don’t have a choice – we have to”

Jonathan Ive, lead designer at Apple also weighed in on the matter.
“What? No, of course it has nothing to do with removing a feature from the device and adding it to a seperately purchased accessory in order to make [even] more money from our customers. It’s about the experience, the magic. We care about our customers and want to make sure they protect their overpri- er, computers.”

The iDoInFactHaveAMac goes on sale April 1st.

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