BMW i8 Sypder Concept Car

It looks like a sex toy from a Tron movie…

Last week I posted about the Lambo Aventador J being the perfect transformer car. This week, it looks like I’ve found the Megatron to last week’s Optimus in the form of BMW’s new i8 Spyder.  The BMW truly is a bit more of a transformer – the drive train can alternate between Front Wheel, Rear Wheel and All Wheel drive depending on what’s needed, and the new Life Drive is supposed to be good at math. All of this, of course, goes out the window compared to the looks.

My God. It looks like a sex toy from a Tron movie.  And the doors- they’re wings! Or rabbit ears, depending on which metaphor you’re following.


BMW i8 Concept Car

Either way, the new German looks amazing, gets 94MPG and will make you feel good about saving the world in your shiny robo-transformer-sci-fi-sex-toy.

In a word, drool.


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