Can’t you see I don’t like you? Why are you making this so hard?!? [a tale of unsubscribing]

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Lots of businesses think it should be hard (or rather, not easy) for users to get off their email list. I argue that if someone wants to leave, you should practically walk them to do the door so they don’t hurt your IP or domain reputation. This seems to be (IMHO) some common sense that many businesses can’t stomach.

Consider this scenario:

I signed up for your product/ service/ newsletter some time back. Let’s go as far as saying a long time back. Even though I don’t engage with your content, you still keep emailing me. *cough* Don’t Do This *cough*.

Finally, I decide that today is the day I want to stop receiving your emails. So I click the unsubscribe/ manage preferences link you have provided in your email. (You do have this in your email, don’t you?)

2015-04-289.17.08 AM

But what’s this? You want me to log in first? I can’t recall my info (I signed up a long time ago, remember) and honestly, I couldn’t be bothered.

2015-04-289.20.33 AM


You’re making this a chore now, so I’ll just mark you as spam. I’ll solve the problem my way since your way is too annoying.

Aaaaaaand scene.

You see what happened there? Making it harder for users to let you know that they’re no longer interested in your content is a sure fire way to boost your complaints. And I’ve said before, it takes a lot less than you think to get your domain or IP address blacklisted

I hope this helps 😉



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