I don’t have a TV. And even when I did have one, I never really used it. There’s just far too much other shit to get through in a day. But occasionally, something comes along that’s worth sitting on your ass for. Right now, that something is Californication, a TV series starring former X files guys David Duchovney. I’d heard a bit about Californication before, but never had any interest in watching it. I suspect that this is because Duchvney’s been astoundingly crap in everything else that I’ve seen him in. But not this time. This time, he’s inspiringly brilliant and manages to deliver the caustic, sardonic and oh so witty dialogue with just right mixture of self loathing, humour and tragically fated good intention.

The reason that I started watching the show was simple – I’d heard that some people were a little disgusted, slightly reviled and a lot offended by the show. They’d said bad things about it, like that I might loose my Pearly Gates card just for even scoping out the poster. This of course made me take a liking to it on principle, even before I’d watched a single minute of footage.

I don’t want to get in to too much detail, for fear of spoiling your Californication viewing experience, so for now I’ll add the trailer and my favourite quote from the show. If you’re easily offended, then please don’t watch the trailer. I just don’t have the energy to deal with your mortal wrath, seriously.

(Context – Duchovney’s character Hank Mooney is being interview on a radio show about his blog)

[People] seem to be getting dumber and dumber. I mean we have all this amazing technology and yet computers have turned into basically four figure wank machines. The Internet was supposed to set us free, democratize us, but all it’s really given us is Howard Dean’s aborted candidacy and 24-hour a day access to kiddie porn, you know. And people don’t write anymore, they blog; instead of talking, they text; no punctuation, no grammar. LOL this and LMFAO that. You know it just seems to me that it’s just a bunch of stupid people psuedo-communicating with a bunch of other stupid people in a proto-language that resembles more what cavemen used to speak than the king’s English.

Link Love, cos there are some seriously cool people around

So I’ve decided to put a links page up, cos quite frankly, there are too many cool people out in the blogosphere to fit them all in my humble little links tab.

As always, a reciprocal link is appreciated 😉

Cool Blogs to Check out featured on RocketTheme

Coda Featured on RocketTheme demo site

I love templates. They make life simple, easy and interchangeable. As a result I spend quite a bit of time scouring the net for new web and blog templates (on sites like woothemes) for me to use and also to use in my freelance work (web design).

I recently cottoned on to and was blown away by their joomla templates and most of all their kick ass modules. When I visited earlier today I was pleasantly surprised to see SA’s very own CODA featured on the RocketTheme demo site for their newest template.

For anyone who hasn’t yet checked out RocketTheme, keep it that way – i’d like to keep this amazing site a secret for as long as possible.


Does anyone know of any other kick ass template sites?

Lester Hein

How the score index works in muti

How the score index works in muti

So, after joining Muti (a digg type service for South Africa) on Wednesday, one of the first things that I noticed was that each of my submissions had a score attached to it. Immediately my sense of curiousity was sparked, and so was my competitive nature – what was this score jobbie, and how could i get mine to be higher than everyone else’s?

After scrounging around the muti site and reading all the support docs I could find, I finally realized that the answer was not on the muti site. At first this hacked me off a teensy bit (the inner OCD me coming out) but now I see why it’s not up there. Following the futile site digging i sent out a tweet with a #muti hashtag hoping that a) this hashtag existed and b)someone would be able to help.

As luck would have it, thakadu had just started following hashtags and we started conversing on tweet. Here’s the low down on muti scores:

(Oh, before i start – these scores will be removed from the muti site soon, and that’s why there’s no lit on them available anywhere.Take it away Thakadu)

Muti Scores

That score is a composite of “clicks” and votes. It is a holdover from the very early days of muti when I needed a way to differentiate posts before there were many voters. Its basically a weighted value for votes (right now I think its 15 points per vote) and “clicks” (I think its 9 points per click)

I say “clicks” in quotes because its not as simple as just plain clicks for the following reasons:

  1. Only the first 5 clicks at the same ip address are counted, this is so that you cant just repeatedly click on an item to raise its score.

  2. Many people (more than 60%) don’t use the muti site to read muti (They use rss, twitter, jaiku, jabber etc etc) ie its only clicks from the site (In the early days muti did not yet have all these alternate means of reading so it was more reflective)

  3. Some browsers quite simply don’t report the click accurately, most notably some versions of IE. (The click is an ajax call and some browsers simply ignore ajax when clicking away)

So as you can see its a very rough score it worked well in the early days but its pretty much obsolete now and one of these days I will probably remove it, most people look at the votes and not the score.

Thanks for taking the time to give me the lowdown thakadu! After less than one week as a part of the muti community, I think I can already say that I really like it here. Now if I could only get a t-shit out of them (nudge’s rafiq)

This is my city

[preface: I wrote this in 2008 to express my love for and of Cape Town, South Africa]

This is my home, where every street carries a memory and every corner holds a smile or every road contains a tear. This is where I began, and this is where i will learn to be.

This is my city, and my city grows as i have. My city loves its people – as i do. It wraps itself around me and gives me strength from its concrete arteries and patience from its mountainous heart. And when the clouds break over the grey and green monolith, my city cries as i do and the dark, warm tears or the cold, hard tears wash the hurt from our faces, we shine another day. My city holds the smile of the sun in the heart of its ocean, just as i hold my smile in the ocean of my heart.

My city is big – with enough room for me to spread my wings and take flight. To soar and to live. To fly and stare down at the silhouettes of the secrets it holds in its bosom.

And my city is small, with so little room that I meet people I know on every street or road, with no room for secrets and less still for lies.

But my city is dark…with a side I do not like to see or show. Like me it holds a danger in its soul that it cannot quell or control. And my city harms itself though it does not know why. It burns itself though it does not know how. The city cuts and bleeds in the news of the day while the people scream and run riot in its veins at night. People cry for freedom. People cry for a better version of here and now.

People cry.

But in my city I see smiles. Smiles in the eyes of someone driving by. Smiles tracing across the hearts and lips of those alive with hope. And it is this smile that lives in me, this smile that will keep my heart in the city, and keep the city in my heart.

This is my city.