Lamborghini Sesto Element Concept Car

The madmen at Lamborghini are at it again…

This time around, they’ve taken a scale and tape measure in to the lab with them and produced the Lamborghini Sesto Element Concept Car – a lightweight supercar sporting all carbon fibre bits and big lump of V10 in the front. I can’t think of a better way to get to 100kph in (gasp) 2.5 seconds.

All the technical details are very well and good, but EGAD BRAIN – Look at it!

From the top down it kind of looks like the devil grinning at you. The first Lamborghini Ankonion concept car I blogged looked like shoe, and the Aventador J reminded me of a sexy Transformer, but this one is definitely the devil. With a smile.

Lamborghini Sesto Element Top 2


Even if Lamborghini does make this mental machine, the closest most of us will ever get to it is Forza. And that makes me sad.

  • 570 hp power output
  • Power-to-weight ratio of 1.75 kilograms per hp
  • 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) : 2.5 seconds

Infiniti Emerg-E Concept

Egad Brain. If you had asked me yesterday what the sexiest hybrid around was, I would said it’s the BMW i8 Spyder without a moment’s hesitation. Now though, there’s a new lean mean green machine that has me thinking twice about who really is heir to that crown.

Say hello to the Infiniti Emerg-E Concept. Based on the Lotus Evora platform, it’s rumoured to be fairly close to production.

Find out more on the Green Car Reports blog

BMW i8 Sypder Concept Car

It looks like a sex toy from a Tron movie…

Last week I posted about the Lambo Aventador J being the perfect transformer car. This week, it looks like I’ve found the Megatron to last week’s Optimus in the form of BMW’s new i8 Spyder.  The BMW truly is a bit more of a transformer – the drive train can alternate between Front Wheel, Rear Wheel and All Wheel drive depending on what’s needed, and the new Life Drive is supposed to be good at math. All of this, of course, goes out the window compared to the looks.

My God. It looks like a sex toy from a Tron movie.  And the doors- they’re wings! Or rabbit ears, depending on which metaphor you’re following.


BMW i8 Concept Car

Either way, the new German looks amazing, gets 94MPG and will make you feel good about saving the world in your shiny robo-transformer-sci-fi-sex-toy.

In a word, drool.


Lamborghini Aventador J is the perfect Transformer car.

I’ve always thought that the Transformers was a little off. I mean, if I was going to make something that could transform into a car, it would be the fastest, most bonkers car you could think of. Not a truck made to lug furniture around. And it would be bloody sharp too, so I could nick the noses of the other Transthingies and make them cry. Now Lamborghini have made that car. It’s called the Aventador J, and I get the distinct impression that if Optimus Prime was based on this, he would be the baddest ninja Transformer on the block. Capable of dicing up absolutely everything in a flash. Which would be good, because the movies would have been shorter.

A man in a transformer costume, design by Lamborghini
Here you can see how the Lamboformer is eating this tiny man in a shiny suit.


It’s also very naked this car, with that red panty line running through the cockpit in such way that you can’t really tell where outside stops and inside starts. So who knows, maybe it would have been Octavia Prime. The idea is arousing is a way that is very, very wrong.

The nose too is interesting, looking more like Poseidon’s trident that a car snout. I would hate to see the first pedestrian casualty.


Most cars take years to make, but according to Top Gear, this was drawn in a weekend and made in only six weeks.  Six weeks! Can you imagine the babies this person would make given nine whole months!

“It was the 14th of January that Mr Winkelmann asked us to do something for Geneva,” says Perini. “A blank sheet. Do what you want. I drew up this car in a weekend…”


Kenny from the Block goes at it again, Hollywood style

Everyone’s favourite sneaker wearing lunatic racer, Ken Block, is up to his tricks once more. This time the Block head has taken to the home of the blockbuster – Universal Studios.

Watch the nine minute DC Shoes viral vid below and see how he blasts by classic Hollywood history – including the Bates Motel.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching these. Keep ’em coming DC shoes. Me likey Ken Block Gymkhana 4.

Click here to watch Ken Block Gymkhana 5

Tommy Kaira GTR spoils my year.

Just when I thought that I had finally made peace with the fact that I won’t be getting a GTR this year, Tommy Kaira and his band of crazy tuners and designers have come along spoiled my year. You see, I was over the GTR. I really was. We’d moved on and were past the awkwardness, the blushing and the foot shuffling. It didn’t matter if  I happened to see her in the street – we were cool. None of that look away and pretend I didn’t see you business. But now, she’s got a new outfit and I think she’s more beautiful than ever. I can’t stop thinking about her, even when I’m driving my current car. This is wrong and I know I should stop it, but I just, well, can’t.

But can you blame me – I mean just look at her! She’s codenamed ‘silverwolf’ and I’m willing to bet that  her bark is every bit as mean as her bite.

Hit play to see more images of the Tommy Kaira SilverWolf GTR

2010 VW Polo actually looks good, surprises everyone

I first caught a pic of the new Polo over at iMod, but after doing a bit more sniffing, the newest iteration of vee dub’s road impala is actually looking pretty impressive so far.

If the new VW ad is to be believed, then the 2010 VW Polo is quite a stunner. Polos have always held an odd place in my automotive opinion – they were nice, but not quite nice enough to like. The drive was pretty decent, the turning circle abyssal and they were usually comfortable. But I just couldn’t ever get myself to even consider buying one. Until now.

The new polo is carrying lots of lines from the Golf 6, which is not a bad thing and I’m keen to take one for a test drive to see what the engine bay holds in store. Personally, I hope it’s nothing like the last one which was always the car you bought because you had to, for fuel reasons or mileage reason or something, but never because you wanted to.

Lamborghini creates Batmobile disguised as shoe

Lamborghini has released a new concept car, the Ankonian, named after a bull type famous for its black hair. It’s not the prettiest piece of design I’ve seen, but it certainly is interesting and inspires a bit of debate (which I think is part of the point of good design).

Is this the Lamborghini Batmobile?

Lamborghini BatMobile Shoe

At first glance, I thought it looked a bit like the next batmobile.  Then I thought it looked a bit like a shoe. Either way, it’s interesting. I love looking at concept cars to see in which direction car manufacturers are taking, but I think that Lambo’s dipped down a dodgy side street with the Ankonian concept. From articles around the web I’ve learned that it’s sort of a Reventon remix, but I think it’s like one of those weird trance remixes of a hard rock track. You can still see that bits of the original are there, even though you can’t appreciate the added extras.

Maybe it will grow on me, who knows.



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Please get me this for Christmas

Over the course of the last 18 months, I’ve gone from mildly interested in stuff with four wheels to being able to quote stats, specs and laptimes for any number of four wheeled wonders. This is mostly down to finally having a car that can do more than 90 and can hustle a bit of parking at a restaurant.

Anyway, now that I’m all in to cars, I figure that something along the autmotive line would make a perfect Christmas pressie. I’ve always been told that I’m one of those people who is very hard to buy Christmas presents for, so this year, I’m here to help.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the 2010 Nissan GTR, as spotted outside the Nissan HQ in Rosslyn. I’ve seen two in white so far (they’re gorgeously ugly, gigantic and super fast) but never in matt black. And I think I quite like Matt.

2010 Nissan GTR Front Profile

2010 Nissan GTR Rear View

Nissan 2010 GTR side profile

Nissan GTR Matt Black

Nissan GTR in Johannesburg South Africa

So, now that you know size and colour to get me, all you need to figure out is how to get it in a stocking, but I’m sure you’ll figure that out somehow.

Bugatti Veyron

The Bugatti Veyron Fuel CapAfter going back through a past I did a while back on the rumoured BMW M8, my interest in the Bugatti Veyron was renewed, so I did a little digging on it.

Irresponsible. That’s my first reaction. Anyone who designs a car that burns 5l of fuel per minute should be called irresponsible. When that same engine produces 1000hp, you call them sir. When it costs a million pounds, you probably don’t call them. If you know a little about cars, specifically the close knit relationship between fuel and air, you know that a car needs to swallow a whole lot of air to burn fuel. An 8l V8 engine swallows 24ooo litres of air to make 500hp. That’s a big engine. Now image an engine big enough to make double that. Holy hell in a handbag.

The smart people at Bugatti managed to keep the engine size down by mashing two v8 engines together to create a W8. (the two Vs make a W). They tickled it with a turbo charger. They bolted on the mother of all transmissions. It has always on all wheel drive. It’s a serious chunk of metal.

* A W-16 engine that can produce 1,001 horsepower
* A top speed of 250+ mph (400+ kph)
* A zero-to-60mph time of three seconds
* A zero-to-180mph time of 14 seconds
* A price tag somewhere in the $1.2 million range.

Once all the mechanical details were taken care of, the designers dressed it for the ball, and what a pretty girl she is!

If you wanted to take her out on a date, maybe just one date, you can rent one for £15,000 a day. I was planning to waffle on and on about the Veyron, but I’ve been too busy staring at pictures of it. Quite literally. Just starting.

South African gardener pioneers green Nissan 350z

When I removed my headphones about an hour and the sounds of the real world came flooding in, I was welcomed by the sound of a lawnmower. Now lawnmowers as a whole don’t have a particularly pleasing tone, but what made this one worse was that I new my car was standing close to the grass. A quick glance through the window confirmed what I suspected – the gardener was in the process of converting my car to an Eco-Friendly model was blasting it with grass from the lawnmower.

Here’s what I saw:

The Z goes eco friendly

What you can see here is a small taste of what happened after I took the picture and went back inside. My car now looks like a badly disguised G.I. Joe doing recon in the jungle.

And now it’s started raining. Dammit


zeffect nissan 350z nissan 350z

So long to the Z

Last week I spent a long time doing my budget. A looong time. The purpose of all the number fiddling was to figure out how I’m going to get my mits on the new Nissan 370Z. After the 350Z, its’ one of my favourite cars. As you can see, she’s a real pussy magnet

So, step one is to sell my current 350Z. She’s been very well loved and looked after and I always made sure that she has the best parts and services.

Here are her vitals

  • R205,000 ono
  • 2004 Nissan 350z – Black
  • 63,000km
  • New Bridgestone tyres
  • Limited Slip diff with traction control
  • Balance of Motor plan
  • Full Service History at agents
  • Full leather Heated Seats
  • Bose 6 CD changer (including sub woofer)
  • Smash and Grab tint

The stats:

  • 3.5L VQ35DEV6
  • 206kw@6200
  • 363nm@4800
  • 6 speed manual

If you’re interested, please drop me a line with your details on the contact form or call me on o83 44 88 145.


Taxi protests in Cape Town city centre

Hundreds of taxis flooded in to the city centre at roughly 10am this morning to protest against the Bus Rapid Transit” system planned ahead of 2010. The BRT system is designed to be a low cost, high speed transport system to be rolled out in all cities playing host to 2010 world cup matches.

While I haven’t got the full story yet, I suspect the taxi drivers are petitioning the system due to the loss of income they will experience should the system be a success.

As usual, our office balcony served as a prime vantage point from which to view the protest. With taxi horns blaring and police sirens howling all morning, the city centre was plunged in to auditory chaos for the duration of the taxi drivers’ circuit through the city.

(picture courtesy of Justin Hartman)

For more images, check here

The taxi protest adds to Cape Town’s recent spate of newsworthy spectacles and comes not long after a bus burned to the ground and a truck was blown over by gale force winds at a traffic intersection.

With all this excitement literally happening on our doorstep, I’m really not loking forward to movving back to Century City…

Tesla Roadster goes into production

Tesla Roadster goes into production at Menlo ParkCnet announced this morning that Californian car manufacturer Tesla would start rolling out their Roadster electric car for sale to the public. I use the terms ‘sale’ and ‘public’ rather loosely in this context as one needs to consider that the cost of the all electric sports car is upwards of $100 000 and there is a waiting list that has been stretching for months already. The nippy little 2 seater does 0-100 km/h in under 4 seconds and has an electronically limited top speed of 2014 km/h. With a range of roughly 300km, the Tesla Roadster should be fine for most people to run around in for a day and then plug in for a charge at night.Charging the electronic sportscar takes about 3.5 hours.

I’m sure that we’ll be seeing a bad ass action movie featuring a Tesla Roadster in the not too distant future.

Tesla Roadster goes into production at Menlo Park
Tesla Roadster electric car