Work It

Hope to be seeing you all at the next 1 Night Stand! here’ s a little musical upliftment for a dreary Thursday afternoon, and a taste of what’s in store on the night :)

Big up to for the wiki wiki wikid flash vid

PS – to control the player, right click over the vid clip. Disable play to stop well…Playing and Loop to stop erm..Looping

Bloody Clever Germans…

Playboy Germany

You gotta give it to the Germans – very creative indeed…

These billboard advertisements were printed on special paper, with special ink that reacts to moisture, i.e. rain.

When the Playmate is Dry

What happens whe she gets wet

With ads this clever, I can almost forgive them for making my childhood hell with things like Liverwurst and Sauerkraut sauce…

Kudos to Dean for finding ut


Why not to drive

None of us realistically thought that this day would ever come ( in our lifetime), though many of us have desperately hoped for it.
Admitedly, we wanted petrol to be a lot cheaper than it is now when it happened, but

Beer is now Cheaper Than Petrol.

My advice – drink, don’t drive. That way, even if you have an accident, all you need to do is clean the toilet floor. Thanks for the heads up Cindi 😉


Disclaimer: This message was not Proudly Brought to you by the South African Breweries, Pty Ltd.

Save your mouth for Mentos, save yourself after…

Ok, so the clip below may not make that much sense if you havn’t watched THIS on first. It’s an absolute classic, and quite frankly close to being beyond belief.

The Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments:

What happens when you combine 200 liters of Diet Coke and over 500 Mentos mints? It’s amazing and completely insane.

The first part of this video demonstrates a simple geyser, and the second part shows just how extreme it can get. Over one hundred jets of soda fly into the air in less than three minutes.

It’s a hysterical and spectacular mint-powered version of the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas, brought to you by the mad scientists at