Fresh Air – Brother Ali – Tune Of The Week

This week’s selection for Tune Of The Week is a feel-good hip hop track by Brother Ali. The positivity in the lyrics and the head-nodding funk production make this a new favourite.

Brother Ali – Fresh Air

Brother Ali – Fresh Air Lyrics

[Verse 1: Brother Ali]
Ant check this out
I’m the luckiest son of a bitch that ever lived, I spend life doin shit I love
Got the world’s most beautiful kids and don’t nobody do it like us
Sunday morning play Al Green, make pancakes and watch cartoons
Sometimes get to change that scene, catch a plane and see somewhere new
Just got married last year, treated so good that it ain’t even fair
Already got a boy, now the baby girl’s here, bought us a house like the Berenstain Bears
Not two years ago I was homeless, I mean crashin on the couch of my homies
Now I’m crashin on the couch with Conan, signed a mortgage and bought my home, shit
Should of seen when they handed me the keys, I still couldn’t believe that it was mine
Like “baby hurry up let’s leave, before these damn people change their mind”
Ha, and shit what can I say? I would have made these damn songs anyway
Some of y’all still listen to ’em everyday, beautiful thing, I bow my hand and pray

[Chorus x2: Brother Ali – w/ ad libs]
I love the life I live, my laughter and my tears
I don’t know where it’s goin but I like it like it is

[Verse 2: Brother Ali]
Uh, I get a lot of love in my hometown, twin cities, y’all know how it go down
Same club where Prince shot “Purple Rain”, advertise my name and it’s sold out
I’m surrounded by greatness, my loved ones are amazin
Sometimes I look in their faces and just think of the lives they’re changin
And I don’t just mean Rhymesayers, my son’s grandmother quit freebasin
Desiree got eight years straight, now that right there cause for celebration
Ah, I’m so happy for her, we used to fight like cats and dogs
But she ain’t even mad that I left her daughter
She calls me her son, so that’s my mama

[Chorus: w/ ad libs]

[Verse 3: Brother Ali]
Ah, keep it goin now
All my life I had this music, my heroes have all saluted
I don’t need y’all to like my new shit, them dudes are the reason I do this
I done did so much cool shit, lived a lifetime in the last two years
Got the memories to prove it, look what a dude who ain’t even graduate high school did
Ha, used to always be the new kid, laughed at ’cause I never used to pull chicks
Now I turn down more girls than them rich ass pitiful ball playin fools get
Sometimes I smile so wide, I think about the dreams that I’ve lived
Shit even if I died tonight y’all, I’m the luckiest son bitch that ever lived

[Chorus: w/ ad libs until the end]

More lyrics:
All about Brother Ali:

The Roots – The Next Movement – Tune Of The Week

Today is a day for The Roots. The playlist is ready, the volume is cranked and I’ve prepped my spine for some serious head nodding. With that in mind, today’s Tune Of The Week is a classic from the Legendary Roots Crew’s golden era – circa 1999 – off one of my favourite long players: Things Fall Apart.

The Next Movement features ?uesto on the stix, Hub on the bass and Dj Jazzy Jeff on turntable duties and of course Black Thought on the mic. The outcome is what I consider to be one of the greatest hip hop singles to date.

The Roots – The Next Movement

Taken off the 1999 album “Things Fall Apart”

Bonus – Two More Killer Tracks from “Things Fall Apart”

You Got Me


The Next Movement by The Roots

Questlove mix on Hot97 to commemorate 6 six years without J Dilla

?ueslove from the Roots says a few words on the 6th passing of Hip Hop legend J Dilla and lays down a throwback hip hop set that had my head nodding all the way through. Laced with Common, Slum Village, Busta Rhymes, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and, of course, lots of Dilla Donuts, this is one for the bookmarks.

Tracklisting for the set is below

0:01 Can’t Stop This – The Roots (Beat was originally used on Donuts as “Time: The Donut Of The Heart”)
03:28 Whip You With A Strap – Ghostface Killah (Beat was originally used on Donuts as “Whip You With A Strap”)
09:01 Track 34 from “Another Batch”
09:55 Track 7 from “Dimensions Of Dilla”
09:55 Track 38 from “Another Batch 2000?
10:26 Fantastic 3 – Slum Village
11:30 Got ‘Til It’s Gone (Jay Dee Revenge Remix) – Janet Jackson
12:24 Got ‘Til It’s Gone – Janet Jackson
13:04 Track 22 From “Another Batch”
13:48 The Things You Do – Slum Village
15:57 Slum Village
16:37 Fantastic 2 – Slum Village
17:19 So Hardcore – Busta Rhymes
19:00 U And Ur Smile from “Old Donuts”
19:43 Marvin Gaye “God Is Love”
20:43 Love Is – Common
23:10 Alice Lost Her Keys from “The New Slave”
23:52 Track 3 from “2000 Batch”/”LL” from The Official Jay Dee Instrumental Series Vol. 1
24:28 and 24:41 The Roots – The Stars (Sandwich of Starz – Jaylib)
25:20 Little Brother – Black Star
28:06 Get It Together – Slum Village
29:50 Track 5 from “Another Batch 2000?
33:26 Stakes Is High – De La Soul
36:36 Ahmad Jamal “Swahililand”
38:26 Radio – J Dilla
39:16 Turn Me Up Some – Busta Rhymes
41:50 Track 27 from “New Slave”
43:54 This Is It from “Old Donuts”
44:27 The Roots – Upper Egypt (Sandwich of track 2 from “1996 Batch”)
44:48 Dooinit – Common
48:03 Rick James “Give It To Me Baby”
50:50 Bobby Caldwell “Open Your Eyes”
52:07 The Light – Common
52:47 Dwele “Open Your Eyes”
54:07 The Light Remix – Common
55:35 Fall In Love – Slum Village
57:15 Raise It Up – Slum Village
58:13 Come Close (DILLA Remix #2) – Common
58:58 Find A Way – Tribe Called Quest
60:12 Stan Getz “Saudade Vem Correndo”
61:14 Runnin’ – The Pharcyde
62:29 The Roots – Eve (Sandwich of Eve (Jay Dee Mix) – Spacek)

Questlove J Dilla Mix

Music For My Peoples – mixed by Leighton Moody

Gather round for a Selection of soulful HipHop & NeoSoul Joints strung together by that Caravan Cafe cat Leighton Moody from the Soulside Up crew. From Bilal to Dwele and the Roots, this is a fresh mix for the heads put together by one of Cape Town’s finest DJs,

Listen to Music For My Peoples mixed by Leighton Mooody

Music For My Peoples-A Selection soulful HipHop & NeoSoul Joints-mixed by Leighton Moody(Soulsideup) by soulsideup

Sadly, the DL’s not working right now, but I’ll update the post as soon as a fresh link is available.

Leighton Moody for SoulSideUp


1 High & Dry- Pete Kuzma Ft Bilal
2 Always Find A Way – Nine Yards J Dilla
3 Be Alright – The Foreign Exchange
4 We Alright -EMC
5 Been Such A Long Time –Blue & Exile/Johnson Johnson
6 For your Love- Zumbie of Zion & Rithma (J-boogie)
7 Promise In Love- DJ Mitzu ft Jose James
8 Right On –The Roots
9 Thats what I’m Talking About –Pete Rock
10 Inhale Exhale –J Rawls ft Venus Malone & Wordsworth
11 Since I Seen you- Anthony Hamilton
12 Starry Eyed Girl– Perspektif & Keeno Lee (Leighton Moody-Soulsideup)
13 Don’t Give Up On Us- EMC ft ADI
14 Alive– Cloud City Rockers & JRod Indigo (J Boogie)
15 Tumi- Bophele Bame
16 In Rememberance – Blue Exile
17 Womanside – Swamburger
18 Put Something in the air – J Rawls & Middle Child
19 Playing Again- DJ Mitzu ft Ivana Santilli
20 B Lewis – Day 4- First Of You
21 Think Twice- Dwelle & J Dilla
22 Bling Free – The Big Idea
23 Talib Kweli ft Sizzla- Hostile Gospel
24 Da T.R.U.T.H
25 Prayers for angry young men- Charlie Dark & Roger Robinson

This is for my people on the grind, working hard & holding down that 9 to 5,

Fresh new music from Lupe Fiasco


I’m a huge Lupe Fan. Always have been – genuinely smart, sharp, funny and poignant lyrics can always be found on his tracks. With his new album “Lasers” dropping in the very near future, Lupe’s dropped a new single “Words I Never Said” featuring Skylar Grey. And I love it. On the first few listens, the synths got to me, but the dirrty distored drums more than made up for it, and after a couple more listens, it didn’t bother me at all.

Outspoken, to the point and not pulling any punches – this is hip hop. (lyrics available here)

(if you’re reading this on facebook, you probably won’t be able to listen to the song. Click here to listen to the new Lupe Fiasco single “Words I Never Said” featuring Skylar Grey.

Why Not To Be a Hater (lessons from Lauryn Hill)

This is a clip of Amateur Night at the Apollo, showing a performance by a 13 year old Lauryn Hill – a legend in my opinion. The first thing I was thinking is “damn, this performance sucks.” But it doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter that she wasn’t that great as a 13 year old and got boo’d. Cos she kept at it.

Now she has two of the most influential Hip Hop albums ever to her name. I wonder what it must be like to say “I’m the guy who boo’d Lauryn Hill.” The moral of the story? Don’t hate on people who are trying their best – you don’t know how hard it is just to get up and do your thing in the first place. And you never know where they’ll be in a few more years with a little more practice. And then you’ll feel like a jack ass. So don’t be a hater.

And I really should start taking some of my own advice. Some of this shit’s pretty good.