7 Minutes – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

The advantages of Insomnia – last night I put images to a track that I had finished a while ago. The track uses lyrics from Gill Scot-Heron’s legendary poem “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” and mashes up samples from The Matrix and a number of classic house tracks, including DJ Gregory’s ‘Tropical Soundclash’

The track is now on sale below

Drive Time – This week’s new tune

Another week loaded with some more great music. “Drive Time” is a deep house tune that I’ve just finished and was inspired by a bus tour around Cape Town at sunset. It’s laid back, chilled out and very relaxing. Just the way Deep House should be (in my opinion). I’ve decided to make the track available as a free download for now. I’m working on adding some vocals to it, and the “full version” will go on sale later while this version (essentially a dub) will be available for free.

Drive Time by lesterhein

I took some video footage on my phone  while traveling around the city and out the track to some it.

Drive Time by Lester Hein from Lester Hein on Vimeo.

Root Note

This is a deep track I was working on for the last day or so. This version has Julie McKnight’s killer vocal from Kings of tomorrow’s “Finally” dropped on, though I’m not sure I’ll be keeping it there. The track was produced using Reason and Logic. It’s the result of about 3-4 hours of tweaking.¬† I have no clue why I named it Root Note, but it just kinda seemed right.