How To Collect Responses With A Google Form

While working on my Zero To Launch course work, I reached out to some friends and family members to try and find out what I’m good at.

Here’s the form I sent out:

Some folks asked for help making their own Google Form, so here it is.

All you need is a Gmail account, so that you can access Google Drive (formerly Docs).

1. Log in to Google Drive

From your Gmail account you access Drive in a couple of clicks. Click on the dots near the top right corner and then select ‘Drive’
scr0003  4-30-2014 0003

2. Create a new form

Once you’re inside your Google Drive, click on the ‘Create’ button and then select Form
scr0000  4-30-2014 0000

3. Give your form a name and select your template

The templates aren’t great, but at least it’s not all plain black and white 🙂
scr0001  4-30-2014 0001

4. Open up your form to the public (for Google Apps users)

If you’re a Google Apps user, you’ll have the option to keep this form private to users of your domain. Since we want the whole world to be able to submit a response, uncheck this option.
scr0002  4-30-2014 0002

5. Add your questions

This is the obvious part. Just ask people what you want to know. On my form I included some examples as well. Try and keep these as short and direct as possible to elicit honest answers.Google offers you a couple of different question types, ranging from simple text to multiple choice and even dates.


scr0006  4-30-2014 0006

6. Set up Responses in a spreadsheet

After you’ve sent out your form, Google Forms will begin collecting the responses you receive. You’ll be asked to choose how you’d like to store these responses. (Note: You can make this choice at any time while editing your form by clicking the Choose response destination button in the toolbar.)

scr0004 4-30-2014 0004

7. Create a shortlink (optional)

Google Drive links are long and ugly by default, so I use and to make the link a little friendlier to share via email and IM<

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  1. Excellent step by step directions, Lester. I’m going to try it now. Thanks for the inspiration and instruction.

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