Use your keyboard to control Grooveshark

Control Grooveshark Desktop with the Media Keys on your keyboard

After moving to a new computer I’m having to re-install all my programs and get it tweaked just the way I like it. One the things I like to be able to do is control my Grooveshark Desktop Player with the media keys on my Logitech Access 600 keyboard.

Control GrooveShark With Keyboard Media Keys

To do this, I installed the Grooveshark GSDesktop Global Keyboard Shortcuts driver. You can find it on the Grooveshark wiki here –¬†

Be sure to set it so that the Keyboard Shortcuts starts with Windows, otherwise you’ll need to run it manually every time you restart your computer.

Control Grooveshark with your keybaord

Before I could get it to work, I had to make sure that I had the  right keyboard drivers, which installed in a snap. Download Logitech Access Keyboard 600 drivers

et voila. Keyboard controlled happiness

I’m now using an Apple wired keyboard with Numpad on my windows machine (to keep the typing experience consistent when I move from Mac to Windows) and this hack works fine to control grooveshark with the media keys on the keyboard.

All I had to do was to map the keys to do what I wanted. I used a registry entry program called SharpKeys –


UPDATE: Windows 8
The Grooveshark Helper works for controlling Grooveshark with your keyboard in Windows 8 as well. You will be presented with a popup saying that Windows has blocked the application. Click on the ‘More Info’ link and then on the ‘Run Anyway’ button.

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