Groove Shark desktop player

Create a free desktop Groove Shark player in 2 steps (and save $3)

Update – If you’re using Chrome, there’s an even easier way to create a free Grooveshark player in one step

How to create a free Groove Shark desktop player inΒ  2 easy steps

Groove Shark is a free streaming audio service that allows you to play music in a browser window. The company also offers a paid VIP service that offers an Adobe Air desktop application so that you can play music outside of your browser. Follow the steps below to save yourself $3 a month (especially useful considering how temperamental Groove Shark can be)

Here’s how to build your own Groove Shark desktop player in just a few minutes with Mozilla Prism.

1. Download & install Mozilla Prism from Mozilla Labs

Prism is an application that lets you split web applications out of your browser and run them directly on your desktop

2. Set your URL

Set as the URL you would like to use for your new desktop application.

Groove Shark and Mozilla Prism

That’s it – you now have a free desktop Groove Shark player πŸ™‚

Groove Shark desktop player


  • I have set my Groove shark application to display in my Quicklaunch menu for easy access.

Change your Groove Shark icon

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