Dear Western Cape Traffic Department

Today I went to renew a vehicle registration. This is a fairly simple jobbie: I come in with the little piece of paper you sent me in the post, I give you my little bits of paper with numbers and in return, you give me a brand new piece of paper. The whole thing should take no more than a few seconds from start to finish.

Since you insist on closing at 3 in the afternoon, myself and the rest of the piece of paper recipients need to make special arrangements to come and see you. So, after I come to visit you, the less than nice lady at the door tells me to stand in the enquiry queue, which I do. Just so you know – you need some new aircon. It’s a tad over 30 degrees outside and I almost threw up in my mouth a little from the smell at your place.

Anyway, after 10 minutes of standing in the enquiries queue, the helpful staff there tell me that I should have gone to a teller. Why did I come to enquiries? Surely I should know that I need to go to the teller? And then I start to slump towards a line that zigs and zags for close to an eternity – I see a sign.

The sign in question is a poster, placed in a weird corner where you can’t really see i unless you’re a little lost (like I was). The sign says – Renew your Vehicle Licence Online.” Gasp! What’s this – I can avoid the smelly buildings and the acid friendly staff? Well why didn’t you say something?

So, Traffy old buddy old pal, here’s a tip for you – next time you send me a notification to renew something, let me know if I can do it online. That way I won’t have to come over to your place. The lines in your front room won’t be as long and the air won’t smell as bad. The staff won’t be as friendly a they are now. And you might even be able to justify closing at half past 3. That’s the thing about technology though – it’s meaningless if you don’t spread the word. If the people you’re trying to assist don’t know about the help you’re trying to offer, it’s all a little pointless.

Anyway, I’m sure that there will be some reason for me to come over to your place again before too long, so see you then.

P.S.I secretly dream that one day there will be a traffic department who fantasizes about working for the public, instead of trying to bend us to their illogical will. But I know that’s crazy talk.

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One thought on “Dear Western Cape Traffic Department”

  1. Hilarious! Except for the last bit about how u found out bout renewing licence online, that’s more or less the begining of my letter to the traffic dep that I have in my head everytime I have to go there for any reason! I include numerous examples of how simple ideas would make a huge difference… But alas I think the powers that be don’t understand simple. They follow expensive illogical plans. But what would I know, being a mere member of the public

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