I haven’t been online much for the past few days. Sometimes I get swamped by offline things that need my attention and I wind up only going online for a few minutes a day, and then only to check my email. The last few days have been like this. And here’s the thing – I really enjoyed not being connected.

Life seemed to slow down and the usual feeling of not being able to keep up, not knowing enough or not being sharp enough drifted away for a little while. For a little while it felt almost like the internet didn’t exist, and I must admit – it wasn’t an altogether bad feeling.

But only for a little while. After about 2 days of not being constantly connected, the web bug bit once more and I had to scramble for a connection on my phone, start checking up on twitter, following facebook pictures and check out what’s hot on muti. Abd it felt good to be back.

I think that it’s a sign that I should spend at least a day or two every now and then completely disconnect from the interweb, so that I can take some time to smell the roses (or the rain) and appreciate my connected life.

Ok, enough of that – I’ve got some browsing to do.

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