Down with the Brown

I blame Gilles. Yup, definitely Gilles. When i picked up my first copy of “WorldWide” by Gilles Peterson sometime back i was hooked. The laid back beats of Jazzanova or the legendary era defining flows of Digable Planets, he started something. Not long after the WorldWide revelation I was introduced to The Roots when a roomate played The Seed 2.0 at full volume first thing in the morning. Many more neo soul, nu jazz and chill influences where soon to follow – Jill Scott, Kruder and Dorffmeister, Dilated Peoples, Nightmares on Wax to name but a few. All of these influences collided to shape and form a diverse and distinct musical palette.

83 Brown is an outlet for this collage, somewhere I can keep a record of which flavour fell in where and just as important – where they’re on tour and which sites are safest and also most affordable to get the tracks we all love from.
Hopefully I’ll have a chance to post here soon again, but until then – keep the beats spinning.

Before I sign off- have a listen to this – It’s the Jazzanova remix of Fat Freddy’s Drop track FlashBack. I reckon it’s got great cross over potential and will be making it’s way into my sets soon,

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