Echoes Of Silence - The Weeknd

Echoes of Silence – The Weeknd – 7.5/10

The Weeknd – Echoes of Silence- 7.5/10

AlbumRating: ★★★★★★★¼☆☆ 

Genre: R&B
Release Date: December 2011
Favourite Track: Dirty Diana; XO/The Host

The Short Version
This record will make you feel dirty. If you’ve ever been somewhere, done something or even someone you regret, this album will take you back there. The Weeknd’s voice is still the star of the show, but Illangelo’s beats come very close to stealing the show on a number of tracks. A very strong third act after Thursday’s somewhat disappointing performance. Listen with care.

Available for download here – or stream the full version of Echoes Of Silence down below.

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The Weeknd – Echoes Of Silence by The_Weeknd

Echoes Of Silence - The Weeknd

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