Everyone in the company is involved in Customer Support or Sales

More and more I’m seeing that there are two things everyone in the company is involved in:

  • Sales
  • Customer Support

Every single department can trace back to these two in some way or another. You’re either helping to bring in new business or support (and extend) existing business.

Management is accountable for performance and results, and neither of these can be adjusted without affecting Sales or Customer Support.

Consider two (very simple) examples

  • IT department dropping the ball? Slower computers for your Customer Service staff means a worse experience for your customer.
  • Accounting dragging their feet on your supplier payments? That could mean higher prices in future, or less flexibility on payments and ultimately, less value to pass along to the customer.

As far as I can see, everything, everywhere comes down to Sales and Customer Support.

So if you think your position is removed from these so-called ‘low level’ positions – think again. Imagine you did a terrible job, now see how that would affect customers. Now imagine that you did a fantastic job (which of course, you already do) and see how this helps the customer, the business and ultimately – you.


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