Finnebassen – If You Only Knew – Aaliyah Remix – Tune Of The Week

I had originally wanted to use this for Cover Version Friday, but since it’s more of a remix, it made more sense to drop it as this week’s Tune Of The Week. And what a tune it is…

For the last couple of weeks, I’m been dipping in to the slow, solid grooves of Nu Disco and Indie Dance. One of the stand out tracks that has turned up after lots of digging is this Aaliyah remix from Finnebassen. Finnebassen If You Only Knew is dead sexy and the b line is catchy and groovy. I dropped this in a mix (along with another Finnebassen remix) and I think it may be my favourite part of the mix. I’m working on an edit now, with a snippet of the original 1996 classic playing in the track.

Finnebassen – If You Only Knew

Buy Finnebassen If You Only Knew on Beatport

Aaliyah – If Your Girl Only Knew

This is also the perfect segue to introduce the initiated to Rahzel’s oh so dope beatbox from 1999. This shit will bend your mind.

Rahzel – If Your Mother Only Knew

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