For all the Jay Z fans

Personally, I’m a big fan of Jay Z, he’s got business sense, great timing and a million different flows. He also has a great ear for a killer beat.

Having said that, he has been accused of plagiarism (biting) a number of times. I completely forgot about this video clip where Jay’s lines are placed side by side with the original sources.

(if you’re reading this on facebook, go here to watch the video)

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2 thoughts on “For all the Jay Z fans”

  1. Quite frankly, I just can’t stand the man’s droning voice. Can’t believe he made it as big as he has, but then it has to be said – the man is a business genius!

    1. While I can certainly see where you’re coming from, it is very difficult for a rapper to add dynamics to his voice. Only a few come to mind, the rest all pretty much have their tone or sound. In my opinion Jay-Z’s real skill lies in his flow – his ability to add a melodic cadence to his words, with 3 or sometimes 4 different patterns in a single verse (let alone a song or album). His real strength is making stuff sound good. Even if someone did write it first…

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