Gilles Peterson Podcasts

I was sniffing around on Gilles’ website today and found the podcast section which has proven to be seriously detrimental to my bandwidth! Jam packed with previews of his newer albums such as Digs America volume II and Brownswood volume II, there’s loads to keep any jazz, funk, brazilian or soul fan happy.

You can get to the podcast section here:

My favourite (at the moment) is the Cinematic Orchestra special podcast which has live versions of many of their tunes as well as an interview with GP.

These broadcasts are available as standalone downloads or you can subscribe via itunes.

While I’m on the topic of podcasts, Times Online has a great interview with Chicago legend Common available for download in their podcast directory. To get to it, search for Times Online in your iTunes store.

For now, that should keep you musically busy for the next week or two. Hopefully the next time I write I’ll be able to give some news on my own musical projects, which are slowly picking up speed here in Cape Town.



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