Grooveshark sucks – spoils my day

Grooveshark is web-based music player that allows you to play songs that other users have uploaded. When I first discovered Grooveshark, I though it was amazing. I would hop on to find a track that I didn’t have in my collection and that I just HAD to hear. Since I use my browsers quite extensively, I decided to spring for the $3 desktop player.


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After downloading and installing, away I went. Except I didn’t. After choosing what I wanted to listen to, the player would simply skip through the songs in the playlist in a seemingly never ending loop. Eventually I get annoyed, close down Grooveshark and open iTunes.

Grooveshark #Fail from Lester Hein on Vimeo.

Everytime I use it, I want to punch my monitor. For now I think I’ll save my $3 and wait until the service is a bit more mature, or until something else comes along.

The Grooveshark recommendation engine also leaves a lot to be desired. The recommendations I’ve been receiving a strange to say the least – I was served a Justin Bieber track in the middle of a radio set loaded with Common and Mos Def. I think they’re trying to tell me something. Marking a track also did not fix this – the same track appeared 4 more times.

Grooveshark sucking is a real shame – I really do want to like the service. It’s a welcome introduction and I was a very vocal promoter of the service after the first few uses.

Some of Grooveshark’s faults are forgivable and will probably be improved over time – the UI needs some work and the recommendation has some way to go, but I can’t use (much less pay for) a music service that doesn’t play music!

And it seems I’m not the only one who feels this way –

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3 thoughts on “Grooveshark sucks – spoils my day”

  1. Update:

    I’ve been encountering the song not loading problem less and less frequently, which is good news.

    The radio feature still needs some work though – I dragged in Rakim, Common and Lupe Fiasco and the radio keeps suggesting Black Eyed Peas and Timbaland. #fail

    1. Well, to be fair, they have improved a helluva lot since this post was published. Outtages are very rare these days, and considering that Grooveshark is a free service, I don’t think I can be too harsh on them any more

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