Hadley’s getting married

Hadley’s getting married

My best friend is getting married soon. This is itself if a big thing and all the usual guys things are running through my brain – “Man Down!” “Another One Bites the Dust” & of course “I should get him a name tag for his chain.”

The other unexpected complication in this whole shebang is that he had the bad sense to nominate me as his best man. This means that I get to plan the stag. And of course, the rehearsal stag, just to make sure that we get it right.

I’ve also been having a few other ideas for the big guy’s big day. So I’m thinking that at the church we can do something like this: (which definitely ranks up there with best wedding dance ever)

And at the reception maybe a little something along these lines:

Whatever we wind up getting up to (or down to) I can guarandamtee that this is going to be one for the photo albums.

What do you think I should get them to do?

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