Him Self Her Gone Too Long

Him Self Her Gone Too Long

It’s not Thursday, so it’s not time for this week’s Tune of the week, but this track has had me nodding along for the last 4 days. It too good not to share. Gone too long is a slow and sexy nu disco affair (it’s my new thing) with a simple, grooving bassline that makes me want to turn it up to 11 every time I play the track.

Him Self Her Gone Too Long

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Life, doesnt turn out like you planned.
but these things is making me who I am
and why is this so hard to understand
since you have been away I turned into a better man

‘Cos baby you have been gone too long
you have me you played me im moving on
did you really thing I keep hanging on

Lying in the dark I thought I heard you sleep
tried to listen but your voice beaceme to weak
then I know I had to get back on my feet

Won’t take this no longer,
you are weak, but I am stronger
oh baby
and the distance
and we gone from existence
and no sweet talk will fix this
‘cos you burned all the bridges,
I cant hear you I cant see you now

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