Leadership Management


Confidence is the magic elixir when it comes to leading a team; but fake it at your peril.

Fake confidence manifests as arrogance, bluster or other forceful behaviours – it’s dangerous and disingenuous; usually deployed to mask insecurity, lack of skill or a knowledge gap.

The cornerstones of giving leaders the confidence they need are Tools and Process.

Process allows your leaders to know they are doing the right thing in the right way and not making it up as they go. It’s a sanctioned roadmap through the wilderness of leading a team.

Tools (and learned skills) are needed to broach that next difficult topic, correct a wayward course or make a hard decision when the road eventually leads there.

Work on developing these , and combined they will give leaders the quiet, palpable confidence to lead teams clearly and convincingly with the grace that compels others to follow without being forced.