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How to listen to audio on a Bluetooth Headset (the mono kind) on an Android Phone

Bluetooth headsets have many drawbacks

  1. They make you look like a tool
  2. They’re often fussy, with short ranges and dropped connections
  3.  The audio isn’t that great, often bordering on crap

They do however, have their advantages:

  • They help you not to die while calling and driving
  • There are no wires

Considering point 3 above, why would you want listen to audio on a bluetooth headset? For me the answer is twofold:

First- audiobooks.  I listen to lots of them all of the time, and it’s nice to be able to do so without any wires.  It’s also nice not to be clutching my phone while walking around listening to my book,  I feel better having is nice and safe in my pocket.

Secondly, it’s great for Skype calls. A lot of handsets won’t allow Skype to access the bluetooth call functionality since it reserves this feature for the phone dialler. Finding a way to stream audio to your headset will allow you to use your bluetooth headset for making VOIP calls with Skype and other best VOIP services.

By default, Android will not stream audio to your mono bluetooth headset. It saves the audio streaming goodness for the A2DP stereo headphones.

Enter the BTHeadset app.

Listen To Audio On A Bluetooth Headset With The BTHeadset App

When I got my Sennheiser EZX60, I fired up the app and that was it. Nice and simple. You can download the BTHeadset App from the Google Play Store with this link:


Now I can listen to my audiobooks or any other source (like webinars or navigation) audio through my bluetooth headset on my Android phone.

I also tried another app called BT Mono, but when I did a sound test, BTHeadSet provided better sound quality than the BT Mono app.


This service actively runs in the background on your device, so it will consume your battery. I have not used it for long enough to know what kind of impact this will have over a long period of time.

Do you know of any other apps that help you listen to audio on bluetooth headset?

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  1. Hi guys, anyone want to recommend the best mono blue tooth for voice pick up? My friend often complain they can’t hear me well. I’ve got no icon by jawbone and a Motorola sliver ii… really want something better.

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