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How to Sign PDF Files with a Digital Signature in Preview (Mac OSX)

Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing lots of virtual paper work, banks, contracts work, etc. Most of this, however, was done virtually via PDF. One of the problems I constantly faced was having to sign documents. It’s a problem for me because I don’t have a printer or a scanner, which meant out of the way trips to little copy shops.

Now though, I have a found a solution that lets me use my Mac’s camera and Preview’s Annotate feature to digitally sign documents.

Creating a signature in Preview

  • Open Preview and select “Preferences”
  • Click on “Signatures” and then “Create Signature”
  • Sign on a white piece of paper and hold it up to the camera. You’ll see a preview of your John Hancock on the screen, so keep going until you’re happy.
  • Click on “Accept” to capture the digital signature

Now you can access and stamp your signature onto any PDF files opened within Preview.

Signing a Document in Preview

Now that you have your signature on file, you can use it to sign a pdf document that you open with Preview

  • Open the PDF file you want to sign
  • Click on the Annotations button (pencil icon) followed by the Signatures button
  • Next, select the area in the document where you need to sign and drag out the size of the signature.

Sign A PDF document with Mac preview

That’s all there is to it, once you have signed the document, you can save it and it’s ready to be used.

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