The most important hour of my week

Sunday morning has become the most important part of my week. One hour in particular will determine whether my week is going to be an amorphous blob of undo-ability, or a precision strike on my to-do list. For the past few months, I’ve decided to take an hour early on and look at the week gone by and the week to come.

    1. Review of tasks done over the past week. Are there any ideas that came out of them that I can use? Was anything on there a waste of time or money? Should it go on the “don’t do that again list?”
    2. Review of tasks not done (that should have been done). Why did they fall off? Was I bad at scheduling them? Was there an external factor? Should they be rescheduled or deleted?
    3. Plan my train time. I have 80 minutes of commuting most days – 40 there and 40 back. Planning this time has become crucial to me having a good week. Examples – read book X; write proposal Y; listen to audiobook Z. I have found that trying to decide this on the day wastes at least 15 minutes of back and forth, so mapping it out ahead of time removes the friction
    4. Review all current project status. Is there anything that needs to be done to move these forward.

Important: This is not the time to DO anything.

It’s just time to review and make decisions about what comes next. This is probably one of the hardest parts – resisting the urge to just jump in do things right then and there. The problem with this, is I will then not get through all of the pending outcomes. Taking time to think about my stuff is in this instance more import than actually doing my stuff.

New Addition:

    5. Plan out the menu for the week. I have a 14 day breakfast and lunch calendar at work, so I already know what to order way ahead of time. Now I am going to start planning dinner time with Kat, to avoid the dreaded “what should we eat; what do you want to eat; what are you in the mood for” conversation that has us spinning our wheels at least twice a week.

What are some of the things you do that help you get through your week with your sanity intact?

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