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I have a confession: I buy a lot of gadgets. Some of them awesome, many of them crap and a small few get me hooked on them permanently. Whenever possible I try to buy gadgets from Kickstarter or little one man shows, to spread the love and show support for innovative ideas.

So I figured I would put together a post of some of the Stuff I Like.

The Impress Coffee Brewer by the Gamilla Coffee Company

impress coffee brewer

This is without a doubt my favorite thing from the past 2 years. Before, I would make a pot of coffee every time I wanted some (which is often). Because I felt like an idiot just making one cup at a time and like an asshole not making coffee for everyone in the office, I would make a whole pot. That meant that a lot of coffee would go to waste. Even worse was when someone else would make coffee, and it was crap (I’m picky like that).

That’s why I love this little guy. I can brew just one cup of my favorite dark roast, let it brew for just the right amount of time and then enjoy it piping hot.

You can buy the Impress Coffee Brewer here:

The fact that it STAYS piping hot for a long time a nice added bonus. I bought some soap stones that retain heat and I use them with the Impress to keep my coffee deliciously hot for up to an hour.

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