Lamborghini Aventador J is the perfect Transformer car.

I’ve always thought that the Transformers was a little off. I mean, if I was going to make something that could transform into a car, it would be the fastest, most bonkers car you could think of. Not a truck made to lug furniture around. And it would be bloody sharp too, so I could nick the noses of the other Transthingies and make them cry. Now Lamborghini have made that car. It’s called the Aventador J, and I get the distinct impression that if Optimus Prime was based on this, he would be the baddest ninja Transformer on the block. Capable of dicing up absolutely everything in a flash. Which would be good, because the movies would have been shorter.

A man in a transformer costume, design by Lamborghini
Here you can see how the Lamboformer is eating this tiny man in a shiny suit.


It’s also very naked this car, with that red panty line running through the cockpit in such way that you can’t really tell where outside stops and inside starts. So who knows, maybe it would have been Octavia Prime. The idea is arousing is a way that is very, very wrong.

The nose too is interesting, looking more like Poseidon’s trident that a car snout. I would hate to see the first pedestrian casualty.


Most cars take years to make, but according to Top Gear, this was drawn in a weekend and made in only six weeks.  Six weeks! Can you imagine the babies this person would make given nine whole months!

“It was the 14th of January that Mr Winkelmann asked us to do something for Geneva,” says Perini. “A blank sheet. Do what you want. I drew up this car in a weekend…”


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