Lamborghini creates Batmobile disguised as shoe

Lamborghini has released a new concept car, the Ankonian, named after a bull type famous for its black hair. It’s not the prettiest piece of design I’ve seen, but it certainly is interesting and inspires a bit of debate (which I think is part of the point of good design).

Is this the Lamborghini Batmobile?

Lamborghini BatMobile Shoe

At first glance, I thought it looked a bit like the next batmobile.  Then I thought it looked a bit like a shoe. Either way, it’s interesting. I love looking at concept cars to see in which direction car manufacturers are taking, but I think that Lambo’s dipped down a dodgy side street with the Ankonian concept. From articles around the web I’ve learned that it’s sort of a Reventon remix, but I think it’s like one of those weird trance remixes of a hard rock track. You can still see that bits of the original are there, even though you can’t appreciate the added extras.

Maybe it will grow on me, who knows.



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