Lather, rinse, retweet – how i wound up @ technomadic

a little birdie told meAll week long i’ve been hearing stories on just how cool Twitter is and about how people have been connecting both locally and internationally, so I thought that I’d tell my own little twitter story.

How i wound up @ technomadic.

It’s all @magictim’s fault, really it is. I got on to twitter about two weeks ago. Sure i’d heard and read about it, but i though ‘what the hell good is a 140 character blog? I talk far too much for that to be of any use to me.’ And oh how I wrong I was.

I met Tim very briefly at Quirk eMarketing‘s staff bash a while back (the promise of free beer and pizza on a Friday night was more than enough to lure me there…) After baffling him about how i knew his name (i saw his pic on facebook) and chatting over a beer, I next met him online in the twittersphere (is that a word yet?). After watching Tim tweet to some of his contacts, I started following @simonebiz. That still sounds weird when I say it out loud. Anyway, I started following simone and one of her tweets read something along the lines of ‘Simone is looking forward to Nomadic Marketing.’ So me being me i busted in and asked about what exactly Nomadic Marketing was all about, since the name sounded really cool. She explained it all to me and then informed that sadly, registrations for the course had closed 2 weeks earlier 🙁

Simone then recommended that I follow @daveduarte, who was hosting the course. So i did just that. Dave put me in contact with someone at the GSB and before you could say comfy geek slippers I was registered as a delegate at Nomadic Marketing. I’m sure that if they’d told me they’d be calling me a ‘delegate’ I would have signed up just so I could pretend to be Kofi Anan.

Anyway, I thought that it was really cool that I was able to get a tangible real world benefit from thus ‘new’ social network which is slowly taking a beakhold in South Africa. a clear indication on that power that these networks offer. UCT likes it too, since they now have my money.

As soon as I figure out how to add twitter feeds to‘s widgets, I’ll do just that.

Till then, a little birdie told me that you can follow me @here


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  1. So funny — I think I also ended up on the course via Twitter. I’m now an evangelist, I think. AND I just discovered that is a great way to find people with similar interests: just search on the niche obsession of your choice…

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