Microsoft’s Touch Mouse is a terrible, terrible thing.

I had originally planned this to be a lengthy review. Using this thing made me brood over adjectives to forever tarnish it in the eyes of the 4 people who would read this post. My review would to be great (probably not). It would be insightful (they rarely are). It would highlight the flaws and strengths of this much hyped device in a logical and fair way (I ┬ádon’t have much of either).

But, the more I thought about it, the less I wanted to do it. I realized that I all I really wanted to do was satisfy that most basic of human desire – to bitch about something that’s pissing me off, all the more so because it’s not what you call cheap.

So now, there is no review. There are no bullet points comparing features with the Apple Magic Mouse. There is only this:


The Microsoft Touch Mouse is a terrible, hateful, anger inducing thing. I have now flung mine across the room. Do not buy one, your fingers will hate you.


That is all.


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