RJD2 + Nat King Cole. Cover version with a twist (Tune Of The Week)

I go nuts for cover versions and reinterpretations of classics, and today’s find is possibly the best I’ve found yet.

This week’s tune of is an interpretation of RJD2’s “A Beautiful Mine” (the Mad Men Theme song) and Nat King Cole’s rendition of “Nature Boy.”

Live strings, a decent vocalist and excellent percussion make this gem my Tune Of The Week. Even though it’s only Tuesday, I doubt I’ll find anything better than this.

Nat King Cole – Nature Boy

Miles Davis – Nature Boy

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One thought on “RJD2 + Nat King Cole. Cover version with a twist (Tune Of The Week)”

  1. Something I find very impressive is that the entire video was recorded in just one take. Apparently they had to film this a number of times in order to get it right.

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