Bonobo – First Fires – Tune Of The Week by @sibonobo

When The North Borders first dropped, I was instantly taken in by Bonobo’s lead single – Circus” Now that I’ve had some time to take the album in, one of the stand out records is “First Fire” featuring Grey Reverend. Now Bonobo has released the official music video for First Fire. My favourite element of … Continue reading Bonobo – First Fires – Tune Of The Week by @sibonobo

Bonobo -Circus – Tune Of The Week by @sibonobo

To say that I’m a fan of Bonobo would be an understatement. This is my working music, my running music, my thinking music, my writing music. My music. Circus is taken off the album ‘North Borders’, the follow up to epic ‘Black Sands‘. After hearing ‘Circus’ for the first time, I immediately placed my pre-order … Continue reading Bonobo -Circus – Tune Of The Week by @sibonobo

Black Sands – Bonobo – 8.5/10

Bonobo – Black Sands – 8.5/10 Genre: Ambient/ Chill Release Date: March 2010 Favourite tracks: Eyes Down (featuring Andreya Triana); 1009) The short version: Different from Bonobo’s previous work in that is not heavily laced with horns and drum fills. A lot more sparse, almost Oriental. Black Sands is a very, very good album. Bonobo … Continue reading Black Sands – Bonobo – 8.5/10

Tune Of The Week now available on YouTube

Every Thursday I post a clip or video of a track that I’ve been playing on repeat for that week. These are not necessarily new songs or the latest chart topper, just music I’ve been feeling over the last couple of days – my Tune Of The Week. I’ve created a YouTube Playlist which has … Continue reading Tune Of The Week now available on YouTube

My Top Ten Songs From 2012

2012 was another good year for music, well for me anyway. When I look back at my LastFM history and see all of the new music I’ve been listening to, it’s definitely been more positive than negative (the Seoul brother’s Broken Condom Style being an example of the negative). Here are ten of the tracks … Continue reading My Top Ten Songs From 2012

B&W P5 Headphones #gearlust

I’ve been eyeing (or should that be earing?) the Bowers and Wilkins P5 headphones ever since they were released a few months back. The steep $300 price tag (about R2400 right now) is, however a put off. That is, until you see them. Any doubt that is left disappears as soon as you hear them. … Continue reading B&W P5 Headphones #gearlust