Sharing Mac internet connection with phone via Airport

This has been driving me nuts for the past two nights now…

Sharing your mac's internet connection with a Symbain smartphone

I have a wired ethernet connection on my Macbook. I also have a Symbian S60 smart phone running the Nimbuzz application. So I figured that instead of being tied to the Mac, I could walk around the house and still use IM on Nimbuzz by sharing the internet connection on my Mac.

The first time I did it, all went well – easy connection to the new access point. The next two nights – nada. Connection not available. The problem is that I got lazy – I removed the password from the network I had created on my Mac, since I would be the only one using it. It turns out that Airport will not allow a non-apple device to share internet without a password. As soon as I re-enterted te password on the network, the connection worked just fine.

What a waste of two hours.

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