Shit that will probably happen to a lot of you this year

I am, by nature a planner. I try to evaluate the odds that something will happen and then plan for it. Many people, however, are not. Here’s what could happen to you this year if you’re not the planning type, and some things you can do to make it suck a little less.


1. You will lose your phone or it will get stolen.
Perform a backup of your contacts. Back this up to your Gmail account. Now when you get your new phone, you won’t have to beg people to send you their numbers via Facebook. Welcome to the future.

2. Your computer will probably die in some way
2.1 Perform a backup
2.2 Perform another backup
2.3 Make sure these are stored in different places, online if possible.

3. Your phone battery will die.
Get a small pocket charger. They will stop you from getting annoyed or save your life, depending on the circumstance. Get a spare one for the car and keep it charged.

4. Sadly, some of you will get robbed
Stop carrying your debit card in your wallet. Get a credit card (even a prepaid one) so that you can charge back any funds that are taken from you. Keep your debit card in the safe at home and keep some cash with you instead. Use your credit card for everything and pay your bill in full at the end of the month

5. Someone will break in to your house.
Get a safe at home. Keep your valuables in here. In case of fire, in case of flood, in case of burglary. Passports and debit cards are a pain the ass to replace. Bolt that sucker to the floor if you can.

6. You will get a flat tyre.
Please go outside now and check your spare. I’ll wait. Did you check the jack? Do you have a traffic triangle or cone to stop other peeps from smacking in to you? I’ll wait. (Pro tip: keep a cheap plastic poncho in your spare well in case it rains when this happens to you. Also, keep a flat piece of cardboard on top of your spare, so you don’t ruin your clothes while bending down to changeyour crappy flat tyre.)

7. The power will go out
Buy some battery powered lamps. These guys are awesome, get many of them. Keep a torch hanging somewhere convenient. Actually, if you can – keep multiples around the house.

8. You will scrape or cut yourself outside of the house. It will suck.
Keep a plaster in your wallet. Simple.

9. You will need to cut, pry or open something
Keep a pocket knife handy. Small, sharp and with just a few extensions. This will save you from trying to open everything with your teeth like some kind of plastic eating dingo.

10. You will need a bunch of these things while in the car or somewhere away from home
Keep a torch, multi-tool, phone charger cable and wet wipes in your car. (Pro tip: keep a spare usb adapter in there too, so you can take your cable out with you and charge wherever you are. Like at a friend’s house).

(Bonus tip: get more rechargeable batteries than you think you need. Get two small containers – one for dead and for charged. Work your way from one to the other and then do a mass charge up once a month)

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