Nissan 350Z

South African gardener pioneers green Nissan 350z

When I removed my headphones about an hour and the sounds of the real world came flooding in, I was welcomed by the sound of a lawnmower. Now lawnmowers as a whole don’t have a particularly pleasing tone, but what made this one worse was that I new my car was standing close to the grass. A quick glance through the window confirmed what I suspected – the gardener was in the process of converting my car to an Eco-Friendly model was blasting it with grass from the lawnmower.

Here’s what I saw:

The Z goes eco friendly

What you can see here is a small taste of what happened after I took the picture and went back inside. My car now looks like a badly disguised G.I. Joe doing recon in the jungle.

And now it’s started raining. Dammit


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