My 52 challenge.

I know that a lot of people undertake 365 challenges. A challenge where they commit to doing something everyday for a year.

This week I’ve decided to start my own version – a 52 challenge. A 52 week challenge to be a little more specific, where I do something every week. The something in question is to post at least one comment on a blog I like. To engage with the creators of the content I enjoy.

Sometimes I feel as though most of us exist in a sort of digital vacuum. We suck up all this great content delivered every day, but we never stop to actively engage with the content creators, because there is always more content to consume. Always more.

So, now the hunt is one to find great posts on great blogs so that I can start engaging with more people online and ultimately, learn more things.


P.S.If you have a blog with interesting content, I’d love to read it and interact with you! Please post your URL in the comments below or send me the link on my Contact page. Thanks!