Diamond Shreddies, or how we can make fun of our perceptions

Much of how we experience the world is based on our perceptions. These perceptions are filters that shape our individual realities, and often, just changing your perceptions (shifing your paradigms) can alter the way you experience your world.

This commercial for Shreddies perfectly illustrates how advertising can have a little bit of fun with our perceptions.

New Nike Ad with Tiger Woods

After making more than a few bogeys with a whole lot of birdies Nike has released a new commercial featuring Tiger woods. It’s a very simple commercial and features the voice of Earl Woods, Tiger’s father asking him a few questions before he gets back in the game. The ad is a very subtle, hinting at Tiger’s personal life but not quite saying it directly. Watch the new Tiger Woods commercial here:

As an aside, doesn’t he look like the saddest man ever to hold a gold club? It’s almost as if his wife is behind the camera holding a 5 iron…

I’d be very interested to here Tiger’s answers to his father’s questions. Or see a version with some slightly different questions.