Create A Personal Knowledge Base To Save Time When Solving Problems

I love to tinker with my tech, and many times I’ll end up either breaking something or setting it up incorrectly. At this point it’s usually off to Google to find a solution to my problem.

Some problems I run in to repeatedly and I have to dig around to find the results again which is a waste of time. Problems I run in to repeatedly include trouble when rooting an Android phone, how to fix a WordPress site that fails an update, installing php on a new server and how to reboot my Cisco Router; to name but a few.

With this in mind, I started a personal knowledge base to store all of the solutions I’ve found. So far, it’s been very useful and saved me lots of time. The internet is great for looking up things – it has all sorts of information available. The problem is often sifting through the tons of crap in order to find the one quality solution that actually works. This is where a Knowledge Base is very useful – you can save the information that is valuable to you in a way that is easily accessible.

Create a Personal Knowledge base in Bento

Right now my KB is stored inside Bento, but I’ve also tried a WordPress wiki and some free knowledge base software. I switched over to Bento because the others seemed like more work to maintain that in was worth. I can also easily access Bento on my iPad. In addition to this, I also have a bunch of text files with step by step instructions for complex tasks that I need to repeat often. I usually keep this on my desktop for the sake of easy access.

Personal Knowledge Base

It doesn’t matter how simple or complex your system is, having information you use often easily at hand is a great time-saver. Keeping a personal Knowledge Base is a good way to not only store your solutions, but also to understand them better; after all, when you write/ type something you have a better shot at retaining the information you’re dealing with.