Make Chrome even better with Awesome New Tab page

I use Chrome as my default browser on my Mac and Pc, and it is a fantastic browser. Fantastic as it it, there are a few ways to make it even better. Most of these improvements come in the way of a Chrome extension, which are available in the Chrome web store

My new favourite extension is the aptly named Awesome New Tab Page.
This one does what it says on the tin – whenever you open a new tab in Chrome, this makes it worthy of awe. Or at least a blog post.

Awesome New Tab Page For Chrome
You can configure a number of Metro style tiles to be shortcuts to whatever you like. These can be your browser favourites or some of the widgets that this extension offers. I am using the Gmail widget as well as the Open Tabs widget.

After spending about 5 minutes with this extension, I have my new tab page set up just the way I like in order to help me find my most used web pages and tools. You can even set the colour on each tile as well as the icon it displays.

You can download the Chrome extension from the Chrome Web store