Who Is She (And What Is She To You) – #coverversion Friday

Let me start by saying that Bill Withers is the man. His ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation gets a helluva workout on my iPod on a regular basis. So it’s with this in mind that I can appreciate a tastefully done cover version of my favourite of Withers’ tracks – ‘Who Is He And What Is He To You’. Madelaine lends some Big Band flavour to one of the funkiest tracks I know and despite how cheesy the concepy sounds, it actually comes off pretty well.

For those who don’t know the OG version, here it is. Billy is a bad, band man on this track Dag gummit. Look out now!


Bill Withers

Alex Clare – When Doves Cry #coverversion Friday

We’re keeping things in the eighties for this week’s #coverversion Friday with a rework of Prince’s 1984 hit “When Doves Cry” by one of my current favorite artists, Alex Clare.

I’m not really sure which genre to classify this cover version under. It seems to have emerged from the current wobble bass/ Dubstep phoneme but it’s so much more than that, with amen breaks and organic piano swirling around with synths to create a very modern rework.

Alex Clare’s strong, soulful vocal performance rides easy over production from Diplo and Switch. It’s an upbeat, high energy cover that won’t be out of place on a dance floor but still satisfies when listening only to Clare’s bluesy voice. In other words, a winning combination.

Keep and ear out for this one at all the trendy parties, hipsters are going to love it. Retro and Dubstep, it would like discovering a vintage iPhone.

You can also listen to the track on SoundCloud

Alex Clare The Lateness of The Hour

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The Weeknd – D.D.(Dirty Diana) #coverversion Friday

This week’s cool cover version comes from the fuzzy haired Abel Tesfaye, or as you probably know him The Weeknd. Today being Friday and all, it seemed appropriate.

The track being covered is Michael Jackson’s iconic bitch slap track Dirty Diana. The Weeknd launches in to it with a surprisingly accurate rending of MJs vocal – no mean feat. I love this version, which he’s entitled D.D.

It’s not perfect though, things get pitchy in spots and MJs range takes him to task at the end. But the massive (massive) beat driving it along and the sheer ambition of this track make it a worthwhile cover version.

D.D. is taken off Echoes Of Silence, which is available as a free download

The Weekend Dirty Diana #coverversion
Img src: >Heart809 on DeviantArt

RJD2 + Nat King Cole. Cover version with a twist (Tune Of The Week)

I go nuts for cover versions and reinterpretations of classics, and today’s find is possibly the best I’ve found yet.

This week’s tune of is an interpretation of RJD2’s “A Beautiful Mine” (the Mad Men Theme song) and Nat King Cole’s rendition of “Nature Boy.”

Live strings, a decent vocalist and excellent percussion make this gem my Tune Of The Week. Even though it’s only Tuesday, I doubt I’ll find anything better than this.

Nat King Cole – Nature Boy

Miles Davis – Nature Boy

Smells Like Teen Spirit – The Millionaires featuring Raggi Bjarna – cool cover version

I came across this gem on the Gilles Petersen WorldWide show a few weeks back. It’s Icelandic singer Ragnar Bjarnason teaming with latin musos The Millionaires for a slow and smooth rendition of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” There’s no way you can’t dig it. Now I need a rum and a cigar to go with this cover version

Smells Like Teen Spirit – The Millionaires featuring Raggi Bjarna

5 Acoustic Covers Of Hip Hop Tracks

A lot of different kinds of people love hip hop. Gone are the days when you could spot a hip hop fan a mile off by their baggy jeans and football jerseys.  This is a list of hip hop tracks covered by acoustic bands and artists, and some of it’s pretty impressive and original.

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Ben Folds  – Bitches Ain’t Shit (Dr Dre)

Jenny Owen Youngs – Hot in Herre (Nelly)

(I’m also a fan of Jenny Owen Youngs “Fuck Was I)

Ben Deignan – Stronger (Kanye West)

JussJef – Rocking That Thang (The Dream)

Some serious props to this guy – it’s all acoustic guitar. His other Li’l Wayne cover came close to making the post

Dan Black – Hypnotize (Notorious BIG)

This one’s the least impressive, but the video’s the funniest


Thugz Mansion – Tupac Shakur and Eric Clapton

This one isn’t a cover by a band or artist or some dude in his bedroom  – it’s Pac and my geetar man himself.