Fink – Warm Shadow – Tune Of The Week by @finkmusic

This installment of Tune Of The Week is a new piece by an old favourite. I heard Fink’s “Warm Shadow” while watching AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ and it reminded me that I forgot to buy Fink’s fourth album Perfect Darkness, a situation which has since been remedied.

Fink – Warm Shadow

It’s quite fitting for Warm Shadow to be featured as this week’s selection; Fink’s emotionally raw “This is the thing” was the first record chosen as the Tune Of The Week when I started this segment in 2010, and I still consider ‘Pretty Little Thing’ one of the sexiest songs in my collection.

‘Perfect Darkness’ is available to buy on Ninja tune

Fink Perfect Darkness Album Artwork

Fink: This Is The Thing – Tune Of The Week

More great music from Fink. I’ve been listening to his music more and I’ve been digging it more and more. To the point it seems where I’m unable to construct a decent sentence without using the word more, anymore.

Anyway. ‘This Is The Thing’ is taken off the album ‘Distance and Time’ available on Ninja Tune.

Fink – Pretty Little Thing

A lifetime ago I saw a strange English band called Fink performing at  a hole in the wall bar somewhere in London and became instantly hooked. I bought some of their music and was fortunate enough to see them perform again when they visited South Africa. Over the years, Fink has become one of my favourite bands to listen to (which is evident when you look at my Last.FM profile). With a strong focus on acoustic guitars and the odd didge thrown in for good measure, this is music  that I can connect to.

This is track called”Pretty Little Thing” and personally, I think it’s one of the sexiest songs I’ve ever heard.

Fink – Pretty Little Thing