Feedly – How To Stay on Top Of Your World With RSS feeds

A lot of people ask me how I manage to stay current and up to date with things going on in the world. With so much happening every second of every day, it’s hard to stay up to date. In the past I would subscribe to dozens of email newsletters, but that soon became a nightmare. Later, I started using RSS feeds, but even that became too hard to handle (I know now that it was down the way Google made me read the feeds – very hard)

My secret weapon is the way I use my RSS feeds now – with Feedly.


I subscribe to about 100 or so blogs via RSS and they generate a ton of new content. Trying to keep up with all of this in Google Reader is impossible.

Good Reader looks overwhelming


Feedly displays the content I love in an easy read manner – it makes it look like a magazie. Great design, cool themes and a nice layout make the content instantly easier to consume. The fact that I only see a few articles at a time also means that I don’t feel overwhelmed and compelled to close it down because it’s all just too much.

My favourite Feedly feature is the fact that it is available on Mac and PC (as a Chrome extension), on Android and iOs. So I can read anywhere I am. And when I mark an article as read in one place, it’s marked as read everywhere.

Feedly for Chrome
Feedly for Firefox
Feedly for Android
Feedly for iOS

Feedly allows me to categorise my feeds into groups, so when I feel like reading about Gadgets, I click the Gadget category. This kind of organization also helps me decide what to read. I always read my Alerts first, then my Marketing feeds, etc.

If you need to monitor lots of content or just want to make your existing feeds nicer to look at, try Feedly.