Apple vs Google vs Microsoft: Financials 2002-2012

As a lover of tech and a bit of a Geek, I could reasonably argue that over the last 10 years there have been three companies that have pretty much owned my attention and sucked up a lot of my money. It’s been pretty much Apple vs Google vs Microsoft, but not always in that order.


With the recent Facebook IPO and Google stock splitting, I got to wondering how much money these companies actually make. Once I saw the eye watering sums of money they pull in, it further tickled my curiousity to see how much moolah they have pulled in over the last ten years. Right now, I almost wish I hadn’t looked.


Below you can see the following data graphed for the last ten years:

Apple vs Google vs Microsoft

  • Revenue
  • Net Income
  • Market Cap
  • Share Price

Prepare your mind for boggling, as these are gargantuan sums of money. The AAPL net revenue number made jaw go slack.






Revenue 2002 – 2012

Apple vs Google vs Microsoft Revenue over the past 10 years


Net Income 2002 – 2012

Apple vs Google vs Microsoft Net Income over the past 10 years


Market Cap 2002 – 2012

Apple vs Google vs Microsoft Market Cap over the past 10 years


Share Price 2002 – 2012

Apple vs Google vs Microsoft Share Price over the past 10 years


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Does google index blog comments?

Does google nofollow blog comments?

I was chatting to Dave Duarte about this today and I started wondering about whether google indexes the comments posted on my blog. The reason I ask is that if someone is taking the time to reply to something of mine, I think that it’s fair that they should get a bit of love for that in the way of a link. Yes, I realise that the potential for spammers to take advantage of this fact exists, but hey – that’s why we moderate comments right? My question is specifically for and posts but if you know the answer for blogger, well then don’t let me stop you…

I realise that Ias with most questions on the net) this was probably dealt with before, but if anyone knows the answer to this, or can point me in the direction of a site where I can find some guidance, please let me know in the comment section, which may or may not be indexed by google.



P.S – before you think I’m a lazy bugger, I did try and google it first, but didn’t find anything that answered the question.