Clear your Dropbox cache to free up space on your Android device

While listening to music on my Galaxy Note 2 I received a very weird error message – my device was almost out of space. I thought this odd since I have the 16GB version and a 64GB card as well.

So, I launched the Application Manager and saw that Dropbox was taking up almost 1GB by itself. This was even more confusing since I don’t have any files marked as favourites on my Android, so technnically Dropbox shouldn’t be taking up much space.

It turns out Dropbox creates a local cache of files that you open. My cache was almost a gig, but once I cleared it out, it was back down to 0.

Here’s How Clear Your Dropbox cache and free up space on your Android device.

1. Open Dropbox App
2. Click ‘Settings’
3. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and select “Clear Cache”

That’s all there is to it. Now you should have a bunch of free space available again.

Keep essential meds, tabs and capsules handy in an Altoids tin

I work in an office with a busted aircon. And I have a high stress job. And I love spicy food.

All of this means that at any point in my day I may need either some flu meds, some painkillers for my headache or an Alka seltzer to counter the Tabasco sauce I had with my chili.

I’ve found that an easy for me to keep these items handy, is to use an Altoids tin. The small size and the ability to snap nicely shut and stay out of way, make it perfect for me. ¬†And if I’m honest, I love little Altoids tin projects in any way shape or form.

Store Your Meds in an Altoids Tin

Use an Altoids tin to keep meds handy

Here’s what I have inside my little tin:

  • 2 x Alka Seltzer
  • 2 x Tabcin cold and flu caps
  • 2 x Panadol painkillers
  • 1 x Panadol PM (useful when travelling)
  • 2 x Hydroxycut caps (in case of gym)
  • 1 x Centrum

It’s hand to stick a post-it on the inside of the tin with a list of what you keep inside. This makes it easy to refill your little kit, since you’ll always know what to put in your Altoids tin project.

How To Calibrate Your Macbook Battery In 4 Steps

The term calibrate is a just a fancy way of saying that you should reset your battery’s memory. This will show you how to calibrate the battery on your Apple Laptop in 4 simple steps.

Why Calibrate Your Macbook Battery

Your battery is actually pretty smart. It has an internal microprocessor built in that ¬†controls the time remaining box you see in your toolbar and also manages the battery’s energy efficiency. Recalibrating your battery makes sure that this little computer’s numbers stay on track and you get better battery life from your Macbook.

How To Calibrate and Apple Macbook Battery

How To Calibrate Your Macbook Battery

  1. Charge Fully
  2. Run It Down All The Way (You can use it while you do this)
  3. Let is sit for 5 hours (while the battery is flat)
  4. Charge it Fully again – You’ll know it’s full when the charger light turns from amber to green

That’s it, you’re done.

Apple recommends that you do a calibration once per month to get the best possible battery life from your Macbook. I have an alarm set on mine that reminds me once a month.

Happy tapping

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