Pulp Fiction In Chronological Order

Pulp Fiction is a classic. It’s one of those movies that you need to remind yourself to sit down and rewatch every couple of years, so that you don’t forget all the fun that Jules and Vincent get up to.

Digital Media Designer Noah Daniel Smith has put together an infographic that outlines the plot of Pulp Fiction in chronological order. The infographic is also available as a print, one which I am strongly considering buying.


Pulp Fiction In Chronological Order

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Pulp Fiction Displayed in Chronological Order

P.S. Do you know what Marcellus Wallace Looks Like?

97 cups of coffee would kill you and other interesting facts about caffeine

I love coffee. In fact, I would go so far as to say it makes me a better person. I’m nicer, funnier, smarter and faster. And as I type this, I realize that I sound like a coke head. No matter (sip) I still love the dark and lovely beverage that gets me going everyday, which is why I found this infographic on the health effects of caffeine so (sip) interesting.

A small party of me has always wondered how many cups of coffee it would take to kill me. That part of me was usually shaking and sleep deprived. Sip.


Source: Visual.ly

Facebook Valuation from 2003 to 2012 (#infographic)

So, after my previous post about the gut busting amounts of money made by Apple vs Google vs Microsoft over the past ten years, someone asked why I didn’t include Facebook. Short answer: I forgot.

So, instead of updating the original post with the Facebook data (pain in the ass), here is an entertaining infographic that shows the value of both Facebook and Lord Mark Zuckerberg. It also shows what you and I are worth the big blue Book, including the average value of an individual user. Just think, at one point your status about now knowing what to eat today was worth more than $300 to someone. Not me. But someone. (hint: his name ends in uckerberg).

If you want to see the big picture, click on the image. (Yes, that was a pun. Yes, it was intended.)

Facebook Valuation History


source: http://plugg.io/

84% of men adjust their junk in public

When I read this statistic, I was instantly glad that it’s not just me. And I’m pretty sure that you’re glad too. Unless you’re a girl. I don’t have the stats for that, but I think that it would be some interesting data to visualize (see what I did there).

The Uncomfortable Truth About Mens Underwear
Source: Visual.ly

Do you move your move when their are people around?