Evernote – yet another application I can’t live without

A while back I did two posts on my favourite Mac software (one here – http://lesterhein.com/mac-software-i-cant-live-without/ and another here – http://lesterhein.com/mac-software-i-cant-live-without-part-2/) and now I have one more bit of kit to add to the list – Evernote. I’ve been very late to adopt to this piece of software, mostly because when I first tried it a few years back it felt clunky and well, ugly. Since then the Evernote people have sharpened their pencils and straightened their rulers, so all that’s changed…

To be fair, Evernote’s not strictly a Mac application, but rather a cross platform, cross OS, cross device piece of genius. And most importantly – it works brilliantly, most of the time without you noticing a thing.

The concept is simple – Evernote helps you take notes. The difference is that it helps you take notes everywhere – on your phones, on your mac, on your pc – wherever you happen to have an idea. I used to keep a txt file in DropBox and then update this file, which has pretty much the same effect, but Evernote does a MUCH better job of it.

With a brilliant desktop client for each OSX and Windows, it’s easier than ever to make notes. In face, I’m writing this post in Evernote. I’ll probably finish it up at the office if I have a minute and then post it from there. Absolute genius.



More than just notes

Evernote is more than mere text characters. Right now I’m using the web clipping extensively – this allows me to save a bookmark or clip an entire article, which means that I can read it offline later.

Images, audio clips and many other things are all part of the Evernote ensemble, but I haven’t yet delved too deeply into it. All I’ll say for now, is that I love it 🙂

Evernote review